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Q & A

At Lakecrest Builders, we get a lot of questions regarding building a custom home. It's our job to inform our clients on every aspect of building a luxury custom home. What is not in the FAQ's below, we are glad to answer in-person, or on the phone.

Yes. For example, we prepare every Lakecrest Builders home for future soft water by installing a soft-water plumbing loop with the required electrical wiring, as well as humidification using a water line in close proximity to the furnace.
Lakecrest Builders employs a special group of very qualified subcontractors who work together as part of a great team. This is how we produce the quality of workmanship we demand.
As a luxury home builder in Reno, NV, construction time varies depending on size, complexity and level of finishes. In general, Lakecrest Builders builds luxury custom homes in 9 to 16 months.
Lakecrest Builders, has been building some of the most exceptional custom-built homes in the Reno-Tahoe area since 1990. Dave Pearce and Jim Smrt decided to combine their wealth of experience, ingenuity and knowledge of the building industry, the result is Lakecrest Builders.
We have built a lot of exceptional homes at Montreux, including the Cottages, Manors, Stonehavens and Chalets. Our Cottages and Manors showcase early European manor architecture, while our Stonehavens recall the architecture of the English countryside.

The Chalets, are single-level luxury homes in the Swiss Alpine Style. Nestled in the pines, these 2,973 - 4,000 square foot classics are exceptional down to the finest detail. Features include stone and wood exteriors, porches, courtyards and master retreats. We offer four distinctive floorplans and countless options that reflect modern custom homebuilding at its finest.

We're building your home, so it makes sense that your happiness is our primary concern. In order for our projects to be a success, they must meet not only our high standards, but also your desires and expectations.
We use an HVAC system that exceeds industry standards and minimum requirements set by local governing agencies. We install sealed insulated rigid ductwork in the crawl space and insulated foil-jacket ductwork in the attic. In the equipment rooms, we use ductwork applications with foil-backed insulation.

These systems: increase air-flow, make the house "critter proof", reduce the loss of hot and cold air, and lessen the potential for pulling bad air into the ductwork and return air grilles.

We also include a 4-inch-wide filtration device at each furnace, which assists in reducing dust particle infiltration and prepares your home for an electronic filtration system.
We use ARXX Wall Systems in our homes to provide superior strength, insulation and fire resistance: qualities that will enhance your home’s security and durability and help make your home last a lifetime. ARXX is an advanced network of interlocking, lightweight, expanded polystyren forms. Because these forms remain in place after the concrete is poured, they remain an integral part of the wall. Walls built with the ARXX system are stronger, quieter and more energy efficient, and they far exceed building-code standards.
Lakecrest Builders uses above-standard sub-floor materials. We use engineered joists set at 16" on center. And, 1-1/8" tongue and groove plywood, allowing for truer sub-straight (reduces deflection), creates a more rigid walking surface for heavier flooring surfaces, and assists in reducing squeaks.
By using our website, you can find a lot of information about Lakecrest Builders. If you have additional questions, please call us at: 775-849-9690. You can also use our online contact form by clicking here.
Lakecrest Builders builds dozens of homes in the Reno-Tahoe area each year. Many of our current home-building projects are in the gated community of Montreux.
We use the highest-quality insulation in all our homes. R-49 Insulation and R-19 Insulation reduce air infiltration and ex-filtration and thus lessen energy use for heating and cooling. R-11 Insulation reduces sound infiltration and ex-filtration.


Visit Us In Person

Drop by our offices at any time. We're open Monday — Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We truly enjoy meeting new clients and showing off our work. You'll find us inside the Montreux Welcome Center, ask for Jim or Dave.

We can answer your questions and introduce you to what some consider the most exceptional custom home builder in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area.